Be Encouraged If God Answers Prayers in a Different Way

Be Encouraged If God Answers Prayers in a Different Way

When we pray, always be open to however God chooses to answer our prayer.

Don’t limit God to just our one way of how we want Him to move in situations.

Present desires and requests, but be ok with the way God chooses to move and He Will.

Sometimes God does not move at all because we aren’t fully open and we only want Him to do it our way. But remember God’s ways and thoughts are different and much higher than ours (Isaiah 55:8).

We can’t see every detail that the Lord see and what is going to happen years later. So this blog is to encourage us that when God moves different than we what desired, don’t give up on Him and think He doesn’t/didn’t answer the prayer at all. The Lord does answer prayers. It is according to what He decides is best. 

Prayers may be answered in a *totally different way* than we requested. But that’s not a bad thing because when we give something to God, be open in our heart that we want Him to answer and move in HIS perfect will.

However God works it out IS the BEST way.

Prayer: Lord, I present these requests and desires. Nevertheless, your perfect will be done in Jesus name. 

God Bless.

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